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Find us at Faire 

Our company travels the United States year round, participating in medieval and renaissance faires. We would love to see your beautiful faces, so please visit our shop at your local faires and make sure you say hi! 

Upcoming Shows 2023 

Great Lakes Medieval Faire

Located in Rock Creek, OH

July 8th- August 13th

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Located in Shakopee, MN

August 19th-October 1st

Michigan Renaissance Festival

Located in Holly, Mi

August 19th-October 1st

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Located in Manheim, PA

August 19th-October 29th

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Located in Waynesville, OH

September 2nd-October 29th

New York Renaissance Faire

Located in Tuxedo, NY

August 26th-October 8th

Age Of Chivalry Renaissance Festival

Located in Las Vegas, NV

October 13th-October 15th

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