made from vine patterned coutil with a 100% cotton lining.  This corset has a unique closure on the front that is reminiscent of the stomacher used in Renaissance and colonial gowns.  Closed on both sides of the stomacher with hook latches that have decorative chains draped across the front.  There are 14 pieces of steel boning.  All boning is fully encased in cotton boning casing and there is a satin ribbon in place for waist tape.  There are 6 loops at the bottom to attach garters.  Laces are 7 meters long and laced in a crisscross pattern with the tugging point being at the waist.


Front busk: 11”

Back Boning: 11”

Side boning: 9.5”

Steel bone Count: 14

Modesty Panel: 7”


  • Dry Clean Only.